Monday Funday

21 Nov


Just me and my glossies!
Get Inspired
Be Inspiring



26 Oct

Sunset Beach

17 Aug


Look Out!

24 May

This is part of how I see my summer well not even just the summer really… more like how I see my life (in part). Looking out the window wherever I may be and seeing something different. Oh to travel!! **insert long sigh here** 

Hope your summer plans are finalized!



Music Monday

23 May

I heard this song driving to NY over the weekend. Instantly l-o-v-e-ed it! Sounds like the beginning of Summer 2011 soundtrack! Oww!

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

Music Mondays

16 May

So pretty much every week (sometimes every couple of days or so) there is a theme to my music and it turns out to mold what I wear and has a bit of bearing on how I spend my little amount of free time… like last week when I was listening to Britney Spears’ latest album Femme Fatale with her tracks “He about to lose me” and “Criminal” on repeat…for days…and I went to the gym more than my usual (great workout songs btw) my outfits were quite Bold and Sexy too if I do say so myself 😉 and I was just really hype!!  Now there is this week…we’ve been having a lot of rain here in Jersey and I’m in a very Barnes & Nobley mood ya know?? Anywho I stumbled on this group of women called GirlCrisis on YouTube they cover various artists’ music from Sade to Nirvana…..L-O-V-Eing Them!! They have a flowy vibe to them. You’ll see…so they kind of remind me of the film -Virgin Suicides. This is great so I can put to use these awesome silk blouses I thrifted last week!




Something’s Cooking!!

15 May

Soo I know I’ve been away for a while and it’s not that there’s nothing inspiring around me. It’s actually just the opposite! I have SOOO many ideas and directions I’ve been encouraged by friends and inspired to pursue so it has taken me a minute to get the chaos of my mind situated and organized. But now that I have my priorities in order and allotted times in my schedule for these fun (yet quite large) pursuits…I can begin to put into action some of my thoughts. Yay!!

So expect more Inspiration and I will definitely keep yall in the loop of activity to come! Excitement!! 🙂