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30 Aug

I was in West Virginia…there was an awesome Mexican Restaurant right by our hotel, Los Agaves…too bad I didn’t try it out until the last day…

I ordered the Shrimp Mexicana….DELICIOSOS!!!!!!!!

It may not look that appetizing from the photo but I get hungry just thinking about it!!


It’s Here!!

24 Aug


The Sepember Issue!! Back Again and better than EVER!!(I know that sounds wack but its true!!) I sat in my car to skim it and ended up turning the engine off 30 minutes later until I found a page to stop on….which was half way through…So many concepts to think about and work into my wardrobe and such. Plus it’s getting me Super Excited (yep I said Super) about Fashions Night Out!!!! I went out to NYC last year for the debut and loved every little bit of it!!! More about that later…

Oh that’s me by the way…Nice to meetcha..I found this awesomely quaint little cafe in Freehold, NJ called Cafe 360 flippin Adorable!! plus good food, free wifi, AND good music! It’s some local station but not bad..Miley Cyrus-The Climb is on now and I secretly l-o-v-e this song….”its all about! its all about the cliiimb!” Ugh Yes!

I have a feeling this is gunna be my new spot…

Welp! Enjoy your food, music, and September Issue!! I’m definitely enjoying mine!!