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Music Monday

23 May

I heard this song driving to NY over the weekend. Instantly l-o-v-e-ed it! Sounds like the beginning of Summer 2011 soundtrack! Oww!

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People


Music Mondays

16 May

So pretty much every week (sometimes every couple of days or so) there is a theme to my music and it turns out to mold what I wear and has a bit of bearing on how I spend my little amount of free time… like last week when I was listening to Britney Spears’ latest album Femme Fatale with her tracks “He about to lose me” and “Criminal” on repeat…for days…and I went to the gym more than my usual (great workout songs btw) my outfits were quite Bold and Sexy too if I do say so myself 😉 and I was just really hype!!  Now there is this week…we’ve been having a lot of rain here in Jersey and I’m in a very Barnes & Nobley mood ya know?? Anywho I stumbled on this group of women called GirlCrisis on YouTube they cover various artists’ music from Sade to Nirvana…..L-O-V-Eing Them!! They have a flowy vibe to them. You’ll see…so they kind of remind me of the film -Virgin Suicides. This is great so I can put to use these awesome silk blouses I thrifted last week!




Take Me Back….

28 Apr


My Music Mood Today:

Music Obsession…

21 Mar

Love Her!! Adele’s first release from her new album “21” Check out her video for Rolling In The Deep

Dancing Around..in my head atleast

18 Mar

So I’ve had this song by Florence & the Machine on repeat in my car and everytime I hear it I see this in my mind….Which is making me feel even more dance deprived 😦

Listen Up: Shae Fiol

12 Feb

My New Artist of The Week

3 Nov

I know I’m late…but I’ve been hearing of Janelle Monae for a while but never really gave her a listening ear..I’m currently loving this song..”57821″…have a listen..