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Look Out!

24 May

This is part of how I see my summer well not even just the summer really… more like how I see my life (in part). Looking out the window wherever I may be and seeing something different. Oh to travel!! **insert long sigh here** 

Hope your summer plans are finalized!




Take Me Back….

28 Apr


My Music Mood Today:

Feeling Parched??

21 Apr

Every couple of years a movie comes out that seems to just move my Sooooul! With a bit of whimsy, a great story line, and hopefully a tear or two…(yeah I’m that chick) It’s the making of a movie for my Favorites Collection. I am suuuuuper excited for my Saturday!! I’m going bridesmaid shopping for my bff’s wedding and then…wait for it!.. Going to see Water For Elephants!! I may be the only one This excited to see it but I have a feeling it’s going to be up there with Big Fish and August Rush…I’m looking forward to it…I’m sure I’ll get some sort of inspiration and I’ll be back to share it all with you guys! Check out these pics and the link to the trailer:


Mr. Warhol

23 Mar

Dancing Around..in my head atleast

18 Mar

So I’ve had this song by Florence & the Machine on repeat in my car and everytime I hear it I see this in my mind….Which is making me feel even more dance deprived 😦

Reb’l Fleur

10 Feb

Everyone from Jen Aniston to Khloe & Lamar are bottling up their scent. We can add Miss Rihanna to the Perfume Pack…I like RiRi so I’m looking forward to giving it a try. Khloe & Lamar on the other hand….EEK! Check out her Intriguing Ad.

Artist-Johan Andersson

29 Sep

I recently stumbled upon an awesome artist Johan Andersson. Here he is in front of his widely known Untitled piece. I am in love with the eyes. Get better acquainted with him at http://johanandersson.com/