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Monday Funday

21 Nov


Just me and my glossies!
Get Inspired
Be Inspiring


Sunset Beach

17 Aug


Something’s Cooking!!

15 May

Soo I know I’ve been away for a while and it’s not that there’s nothing inspiring around me. It’s actually just the opposite! I have SOOO many ideas and directions I’ve been encouraged by friends and inspired to pursue so it has taken me a minute to get the chaos of my mind situated and organized. But now that I have my priorities in order and allotted times in my schedule for these fun (yet quite large) pursuits…I can begin to put into action some of my thoughts. Yay!!

So expect more Inspiration and I will definitely keep yall in the loop of activity to come! Excitement!! 🙂

Coffee Shop Dreaming

9 Feb

Wanna Dance?

30 Aug

The theme of inspiration from this weekend is Dance. And I loved every little bit of it…Here’s the rundown..Friday night headed to the city to get drinks at La Azteca with some friends who are dancers with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, before they go on an International tour. Fabuloso! I danced off and on growing up and a night with them always gives me that extra incentive to start back up…Anywho on to Saturday where me and my two girls went to an Espanol partido (I admit it I googled that) and even though my salsa and bachata are not so fabuloso I had an amaaazing time. Much thanks to the rum in my cup….dancing and being able to laugh at myself at a failed attempt at a turn this dude is trying…Most of my enjoyment came from watching those who actually knew what they were doing..the possibilities with these few styles of dance are endless!! And they express who they are or at least who they want to be percieved as. The man truly takes the lead and the woman can either simply follow his lead or add her personal flair…I want to get really good so I can be doing all typsa turns all over the dance floor!! lol

Then there is Sunday where I attended a wedding which of course means more dancing, drinks, and fun! I was a bit worn out by then but still did a lil jig or two on the dance floor. Overall-Great Weekend!!

Me when I grow up…

Inspire Me!!…and You too

17 Aug

I’ve been getting inspiration from so many different areas…art, friends, fashion, nature, the blog or two I visit regularly, my food…very inspirational seriously…

I often find myself getting so busy with my everyday that I wake up and just feel uninspired…not excited about my day and what it may bring…not that I plan on being happy-go-lucky every day buuuut the more the better for me and hopefully for you too!! Here is where I will spill my inspired guts for all to see 😉

Enjoy my dear!!