Quiet Morning…Quiet Day

27 Nov

I’ve spent all day so far being a lazy bum…I turned my phone off..and visited a blog I used to follow for a while and was completely entranced (check it out for yourself here www.delightfully-tacky.com) Elizabeth is my age..23 and in my opinion Awesome! She’s currently traveling across the States from her home in Alaska..her style is similar to my own and I love the inspiration I get from her different experiences and outfits!

I think I’ll hurry through the couple of things I need to get to today and take a roadtrip of my own..just to NY..and take a personal day thrift shopping and hopefully find a little hole in the wall cafe or something….

I could invite a friend to come with me but I don’t want the distraction..I just want to experience my life by myself today..Looking forward to it 🙂

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